The Perfect Ring

The Perfect Ring

Ok so I’m on Pinterest today, right?
I’m scrolling down and looking at all the posts. I see incredibly cute outfits that I wish would just appear in my closet. I see bathing suits that I desperately want for summer. And then out of nowhere I see this ring. The most beautiful and gorgeous ring ever. Immediately my heart stopped and I knew. It was the one.

I may be acting a little dramatic, but if you’re a woman (a normal woman) you know exactly the feeling I’m talking about. Weddings are exciting. Even if it’s not yours. They’re beautiful. Everyone is so happy and celebrating love. You can’t help but love them. Unless you’re cynical and selfish, but that’s your own problem. I love weddings. And I’m already planning mine even though I am nowhere near close to being engaged.

But I found it. The perfect ring. I’m not sure I would like the diamonds on the band because I feel like the rock in the middle is actually enough, but I know that this is the exact cut I want.

Hallelujah. And may my future husband look at this post and get one exactly like it.


Comment below and tell me how picky you are about your perfect engagement ring.
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