Welcome to the overly sophisticated blog site that represents who I am.

I’ve grown up with crazy and wild dreams and after 22 years, I am only now just beginning to live them out.

I’ve got ambition that runs rampant with desire for bigger and better things than the city of East Lansing, MI. Michigan State University has brought me more happiness than I could have expected out of a college, but my heart longs for a larger city life than what MSU has to offer. Nashville has been my new dream for quite a while now and I plan on doing whatever is needed to get me there.

I am majoring in Professional Writing with a specific track in Editing and Publishing and specializations in English and Psychology. There are a million things I could do for a career and lately I’ve settled into one area. My heart has drifted towards work in Public Relations and Event Planning. Planning events and publicizing them actually makes me excited and in the next couple of months I’ll be applying for jobs related to this area as I will be graduating in May.

I speak fluent sarcasm. I like to give my opinion, even if not asked for it. I may tend to talk about the TV show, Friends, and Harry Potter quite often as they are both major obsessions of mine. I am incredibly family-oriented and I learned a long time ago that they will always be the most important people in my life. I am a hopeless romantic and I will definitely express that in one way or another.

Whether you were brought to my blog because of a specific post or just because of mere interest, I would like to thank you. I hope that you can laugh and cry with me as I go along and find lots of joy with my posts.

If you would like, you are most welcome to follow me on Twitter: @Sam_Bryant_

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